Swing Dance Party w/ Moustache Yourself & Get Hep Swing Dancers

By BLU Jazz+ (other events)

Saturday, November 23 2019 7:00 PM 11:00 PM EDT

Akron's premier gypsy jazz quartet is joined by the renowned Get Hep Swing Dancers (dance lesson at 7PM) for a throwback-themed night of music & dance! Featuring Jeremy Jones, Brent Hamker, Brad Wagner, Matthew DeRubertis.

Swing music & swing dancing have always gone hand in hand. We are excited to bring Moustache Yourself & Get Hep Swing together for another exciting “Swing Dance Party” in the BLU Zone!
Bring your dancing shoes and take part in a swing dance lesson led by Get Hep Swing at 7:00PM (beginners welcome) with the live music starting at 8:00PM. Dancers & music lovers alike are invited to this special event!
Don’t miss this very special evening of music & dance in the Rubber City – get your tickets now!

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Moustache Yourself is an gypsy quartet based in Akron, Ohio. Gypsy jazz, also known as gypsy swing, hot club jazz, or by the French name, “jazz manouche” is a style of jazz music made famous by guitarist Django Reinhardt in the 1930s. Its infectious rhythm and exotic but familiar melodies will capture your soul and transport you to a different time and place!

“It [gypsy music] will be around quite a while longer if excellent musicians like this continue to allow themselves to be influenced by beauty, a classy groove and the true spirit of the music…play on gentlemen…!”
- Ernie Krivda

Band members are (nearly all of whom bear moustaches, a staple in the gypsy jazz lifestyle) Jeremy Jones (guitar), Brent Hamker (guitar), Brad Wagner (clarinet and sax), and Matthew DeRubertis (acoustic bass) are on a mission to incorporate the entire history of gypsy jazz into an eclectic mix of songs from ranging from the style’s beginnings to present day, which includes originals written by members.

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Get Hep Swing has specialized in the swing dances from the 20s-50s since 1998. We offer classes on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays in Brecksville, bi-monthly dances, private lessons, wedding choreography, in-school & after school dance programs.
Get Hep Swing is owned and operated by Valerie Salstrom. One of America’s busiest Lindy and Balboa teachers, Valerie has a reputation for her finesse on the dance floor. She emphasizes musicality and connection regardless of the style of swing. Since 2002 Valerie has taken home the 2003 National Jitterbug Championships (NJC) Grand Slam Championship, became both the 2004 NJC Balboa Champions and the 2004 American Lindy Hop Championships (ALHC) American Showcase Champions and most recently, (in 2005) she returned to ALHC to place 2nd in the same competition.
Valerie is the organizer of the ‘All Balboa Weekend’ held annually in her home town of Cleveland. This Weekend event first started in 2001 and was the first major dance camp dedicated solely to Balboa. It features the American Classic Balboa Championships (ACBC), one of the nations most respected and sought after Balboa competitions.
Valerie also played a major role in organizing (and participating in) the Guinness World Record breaking ‘Heart Health Hop’ event sponsored by St. Joseph Aspirin, which broke the record for the ‘Longest Dance Party’. From July 29-31 (2003), 41 participants danced at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, for 52 hours and 3 minutes…smashing the old record! (search “longest dance party”)
Valerie is enthusiastic about passing on her love and passion for dance and she brings a fresh, interesting, and lighthearted attitude to both the dance floor and the classroom. Valerie teaches all over the United States, Canada and Europe and runs a dance studio in her hometown of Cleveland, OH.